I2YSB QSL Manager

I2YSB is the manager of the following stations:A82Z-A82X-5I5TT-5I4ZZ-5X3C-5X3E-9X0T-9X0Y-TJ2TT-J5T-TL8TT-3XY1T-5ZØL-9QØHQ-9Q1KS-TY1AA-9J2T-TO2TT-XT2TT-TT8TT-9G5TT-9G5XX-9L1X-6O0N-6O0CW-5M2TT-5U1A-5U2K-5U3T-5U4R-5U5A-5U6W-5U7B-5U7JK-5U8B-5U9C-5U0T-5W0SB-5V7TT-FO/I2YSB,IH9/I2YSB-J20MM-J20RR-TU2T-TX4PG-ZK3SB- HI3/IK2GNW,HI9/IK2GNW,ZK1NCI,ZK1GNW,FO/IK2GNW, 3B8/IK2GNW,5R8GN,8Q7PA,9M2/IK2GNW, 9M6/IK2GNW,9M/IK2GNW,D61NW,FG, FH,FJ,FR,FW/IK2GNW,J79W,KH6,KH8/IK2GNW,S79GN,T29GN,V73/IK2GNW,VK9GNW
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Online service for direct QSL request
(your QSL not required)


All Sponsors and who requests a direct QSL will have their QSOs uploaded to LoTW. 
The uploading of contacts requested will be done at the end of the Dxpedition. 
These will be done in batches as we process cards. Will try weekly.
DIRECTvia I2YSB only     (Postal rates in Italy 3 July 2018 )

 2 US$ for Europe + SAE
 3 US$ outside of Europe + SAE
 4 US$ VK-ZL Pacific Area + SAE

 Important: These prices are for letter, don't used with Pay Pal

 Important: One (1) DXpedition ONLY per envelope, NO IRCs, NO stamps

 Address: Silvano Borsa
               Viale Capettini 1
               27036 Mortara (PV)

Please note: QSLs will be mailed typically within 2 to 8 weeks,
depending on workload and mail service.
Please do not solicit them.

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Pantelleria Is.