Profile of GMC

This initiative is to draw attention to and raise awareness of the horrendous conditions

of the population's health and the health services of Puntland .

Background Information


Health services in the North Eastern Region of Somalia were not meeting the needs

of the regions population even during the time of Siad Barre's regime. The region,

traditionally a pastoral area of Somalia was underserviced and underdeveloped during

the modernization and development of Somalia and was in a precarious condition

before the collapse of the M. Siad Barre's regime.

In the Mudug area of Puntland, Galkayo is a major city. The health and environmental

conditions there were worsened by the influx of the internally displaced people

from other parts of the country, returning to their ancestral land thus overwhelming

the area's meager resources .

The current situation of the health sector in the Galkayo area is critical and

in urgent need of development and rehabilitation .

In the Public Health and Environmental domain there are no specific programmes

for treating or controlling the main infectious diseases (for example tuberculosis).

Diagnostic facilities and other related equipment
are nonexistent. The available physicians cannot properly perform their tasks

due to lack of resources both medical and financial. There is limited effort in

(re)training the paramedical personnel for the same reasons.

Although the conditions in Galkayo city and immediate surrounding area

continue to be as described above, there is hope . Insha Allah with your help

the main objectives of this endeavor to serve your brothers and sisters

will be implemented .


Main Objectives


The overall objectives of the program is to contribute in a direct and concrete way

to the rehabilitation and development of the health system in Galkayo and

Puntland in order to serve the basic health needs of the population.


How ?


a) by strengthing of the activities performed by the Galkayo Medical Centre,

with particular focus on improving the epidemiological diagnosis sector,

preventive curative medicine, maternal child health, (MCH) and primary

health care (PHC);

b) by developing the capability of the Galkayo Medical Centre in order to

enable it to offer proper basic diagnostic and curative services to patients

in town and from the surrounding regions, covering the now existing gap in

this sector between needs an medical output;


Establishment of the Medical Centre


Galkayo Medical Centre was first established several years ago .

Because of the difficulties and economic constraints faced so far ,

work is progressing steadily but slowly. Dr. Abdulkadir (Dhaga'ade)

has been solely responsible for financing this project .

Ist phase (Completed): An outpatient department with surgery taking place

every three months. Dr. Abdulkadir travels with his mobile surgery

equipment and supplies from Italy and he works in Galkayo for two weeks

 from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in order to carry out surgery and necessary treatments,

he volunteers his time and commits his resources from his practice in Italy.

Dr. Abdul has trained local personnel to carry out simple treatments in the

interim period and arrange a list of surgeries , follow up care for his arrival .

A small nominal fee is paid by patients who can afford to partially
cover on going costs of service The region that he is serving is Puntland and

referrals from other regions of Somalia also.

Dr. Abdul initiated a sanitary and nutritional programs with the aim to

prevent the spread of the most common serious infectious diseases such

as tuberculoses , viral hepatitis, gastroenteritis and other diseases

related to malnutrition .

2nd phase(In progress): Thirty (30) beds of maternity department with

surgery facilities; consisting of two surgery rooms ,two delivery rooms,

one first aid surgery room ,one medical room, and one equipment
sterilization room is in its final construction and is to be finished by

December 2000. The hospital equipment is ready to be shipped by

the above date.

3rd phase(Near future): To set up and develop a process of training

and requalifications of paramedical staff and laboratory technician.

4th phase(Near future): To establish a specific pilot project programme

for targeting tuberculosis toward prevention, treatment and eradication

of TB in the area.

5th phase(Future): Further development of future services and other departments.

What can you do to help


Today Dr. Abdul and those who support his efforts feel it is time to establish

a bonfide hospital with permanent staff and service. To this end a short an

long range plan was developed and has been and partially implemented

The hospitals physical structure is now in place ,equipment has been

prepared but remains in crates due to shortage of funds to ship it to

Galkayo(Somalia).Therefore there is an urgent need for funds to ship

the equipment and supplies in time for December opening date .

The estimated cost for shipping is US $20,000. (twenty thousand dollars).

Donate to this vital cause. Aid your brothers, sisters and family of

the Puntland region to be the first to establish a functioning hospital

that we ourselves helped build and support and benefit from.

The Galkayo Medical Centre is registered under Corporation of

Medical Services and Development(COMSED) .

Via Int. Verdogne, 20-tel 0962-903598, Crotone- Italy.

COMSED is a an international non-governmental organization established

in 1995 to assist the needy countries of the "Third World" ,

Somalia is first priority. There is a proposal to the European Union(EU) to fund it.

"And do good unto parents, and the near kinsmen, and unto orphans,

and unto the needy, and unto the neighbour who is of kin, and

unto the neighbour who is a stranger, and unto the companion by your side,

and unto the traveller and unto that your right hand owns"(al-Nisa' 4:36) .

May Allah bless you. Jazakum Allah khair

Your help is needed. Please channel all donations to :


Via Int. Verdogne,
20-tel 0962-903598, Crotone- Italy.
Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro
via Maria Nicoletta
Account #

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