Amateur Radio makes news in Somalia.

12 April 2007


 In Galkayo, Somalia on the 12 April 2007 a ceremony was held that included thanks to amateur radio (ham radio- Helping All Mankind radio) operators for helping facilitate the donation of an ambulance to the Galkayo Region Hospital, (700km north of Mogadishu), Puntland State, Somalia.


Dr Ahmed Abdikader, who is regional hospital director in the Mudug region of Somalia thanked Dr Mohamed Jama Salad for getting a donated ambulance through the friendship he made with Italian amateur radio operators during their radio holidays in Galkayo, Somalia.


He said this ambulance was an urgent need and he thanked the people of Italy, the radio amateurs and the NGO called Avis (Italian blood donating organisation).


Dr Mohamed Jama Salad, the neurosurgeon in Galkayo, Somalia thanked the participants at the ceremony who included Sam VK2BVS/ 6o0a, Filip ON4TA/6o0f, Mayor of Galkayo, District Commissioner of the Galkayo Government council, Galkayo Hospital Doctors, Manager of telephone companies and business men.


The aim of the meeting was to present the ambulance and its key to the regional hospital director.


He said this donation was from Avis who run the Italian blood donation bank.


Dr Mohamed Jama Salad thanked the amateur radio operators especially the Italian hams who conducted a DX radio operating holiday expedition in 2005 and 2006 in Galkayo, Somalia.


Silvano Borsa I2YSB/6o0cw lead the group of 5 Italian amateur radio operators and another group of 7 Italian hams in 2006 to Galkayo, Somalia.


He said that "the Italian amateur radio team opened the relations between Somalia and Avis" (the Italian donors) and he said "I am giving a special thanks to Sam Voron VK2BVS/ 6o0a who made it easy for ham radio operators to visit Galkayo, Somalia". He said "I want to welcome Filip ON4TA/6o0f who is currently on a 2 week amateur radio holiday in Galkayo, Somalia".


He said "The well equipped ambulance that cost Euro75,000 ($US120,000) will be used to transport people with spinal cord injuries. All we received was made easy by the efforts of the Amateur Radio operators. The Ham radio operators are represented at the ceremony by Sam Voron VK2BVS/ 6o0a from Australia and Filip Rogister ON4TA/6o0f from Belgium". "We also welcome the SARFEN (Somalia Amateur Radio Friendship and Emergency Network) President Mr. Mohamed Yasin Isak 6o0my".


"I am saying to the Ham Radio people to please keep doing what you are doing to help Somalia especially Galkayo".


Mr. Mohyadin Abdi Bihi, the Galkayo Mayor said "he is happy to see the hospital receive a well equipped ambulance because the 2 previous ambulances were just small buses. I can say this is a victory (advance) for the people of Somalia. I am thanking the overseas people who made easy our path to receive such a gift. The ambulance will be useful to help road accident victims. I am saying please continue these efforts to bring help from overseas countries to Somalia".


"Our situation in Somalia is very poor. We donít see many improvements like we see today that helps the life of the Somali people".


Mr. Abdirushid Ali Hashi, Govenor of Mudug region in Somalia said "as he looked at Sam VK2BVS/ 6o0a and Filip ON4TA/6o0f he noted that Sam had visited Somalia 13 times between 1993 to 2007 and he was now considered to be a member of the Galkayo, Somalia community. He hoped that Filip ON4TA/6o0f (who was visiting Africa and Somalia for the first time) would continue to come to Galkayo, Somalia like Sam. I am thanking Avis who donated this ambulance".


"I am saying to the ham radio people please keep helping the Somali people and help us find a blood donation bank. I am saying especially to the SARFEN (Somalia Amateur Radio Friendship and Emergency Network) President Mr. Mohamed Yasin Isak 6o0my and his 2 friends Sam VK2BVS/ 6o0a from Australia and Filip ON4TA/6o0f from Belgium to take our message to the world.


Translated from Somali to English by Abdikader Abdulahi Osman, Radio Galkayo, Somalia news department (no copy write, free distribution permitted) Email:


Ham Radio Visitors to Somalia can get help with amateur radio licensing and assistance at Galkayo airport from SARFEN (Somalia Amateur Radio Friendship and Emergency Network)


Italian amateur radio and humanitarian assistance to Somalia:


Caro Vinicio ( IK2CIO),

l'ambulanza e' arrivata a Galkayo,e ieri ho consegnato le chiavi al direttore dell'Ospedale regionale del Mudug di Galkayo,

in presenza del Governatore della regione del Mudug S.E. Abdirashid Ali Hashi(alla mia sinistra nelle foto)

ed il sindaco di Galkayo,l'onorevole Muhyadin Abdi Bihi.nella foto della consegna delle chiavi sto consegnando

 le chiavi al direttore dell'ospedale Dr.Ahmed Abdulkadir.inoltre erano presenti i radioamatori rappresentati dal presidente Mohamed Yasin,Sam e Philipe(belga attualmente a Galkayo).altre foto le puoi vedere nel sito dei radioamatori Somali(SAFRAN)Ringrazia da parte delle autorita' e mia il presidente dell'AVIS di Sarnico ed i giovani Donatori di Sarnico.

Saluta Andrea tua moglie e tutti gli altri amici.

Ciao e grazie di tutto

Prof.Mohamed Jama