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I2YSB is the manager of the following stations:A82Z-A82X-5X3C-5X3E-9X0T-9X0Y-TJ2TT-J5T-TL8TT-3XY1T-5ZØL-9QØHQ-9Q1KS-TY1AA-9J2T-TO2TT-XT2TT-TT8TT-9G5TT-9G5XX-9L1X-6O0N-6O0CW-5M2TT-5U1A-5U2K-5U3T-5U4R-5U5A-5U6W-5U7B-5U7JK-5U8B-5U9C-5U0T-5W0SB-5V7TT-FO/I2YSB,IH9/I2YSB-J20MM-J20RR-TU2T-TX4PG-ZK3SB- HI3/IK2GNW,HI9/IK2GNW,ZK1NCI,ZK1GNW,FO/IK2GNW, 3B8/IK2GNW,5R8GN,8Q7PA,9M2/IK2GNW, 9M6/IK2GNW,9M/IK2GNW,D61NW,FG, FH,FJ,FR,FW/IK2GNW,J79W,KH6,KH8/IK2GNW,S79GN,T29GN,V73/IK2GNW,VK9GNW
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  • Is Your Ham Radio Club a General Purpose or Specialty Club?
    Ham radio clubs are often thought of as the bedrock of amateur radio. As one who has both criticized ham radio clubs as well as made suggestions for helping improve them, I want to take some time to talk through what makes a great ham radio club. The very first decision that needs making when […]

  • Lose your ham radio club members in one easy step
    For the first time in a long time, I went to a ham radio club meeting. It was not a pleasant experience. In fact, I left after the half hour business meeting; I didn’t even wait to see the program for the night. It’s not that I was angry or frustrated or whatever; no, it […]

  • Sunspot Saturday, April 24, 2010
    This weeks picture is from Haiti, HH. Let’s still support the relief work going on there. Boy 1(Haiti) by Atomic Zagnut Adams

  • Ham radio web sites need improved marketing
    Atlanta Radio Club Banner by The Rocketeer When I moved to Seattle from Illinois, I wanted to join a ham radio club. Great — I hit the Internet and started looking. Once I found a club that I thought I would like, I tried to get directions to where the club meeting was located. Google […]

  • Working through the doldrums of a passionate Amateur Radio operator
    One of the great things about amateur radio is that there are so many different aspects to the hobby. One can spend years on DX’ing only to become enamored with VHF and then move on to some digital mode. It’s all learning. But sometimes, there is simply a lull. A period of time where not […]

  • If you were thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 for ham radio
    You may want to reconsider that notion and just buy another Windows PC. Or a Mac. I still have an XP laptop and I’d never go through the exceptional hassle of upgrading to the greatness of Windows 7. Here’s the chart: Here’s the operative statement to upgrade from XP to Windows 7: All of the […]

  • Signals!
    You see, if you turn the radio on and have an antenna, you can hear signals on the air! Now to connect the radio to the iMAC. Hmmmm….

  • K9JY Hacked!
    The K9JY site was hacked over the last couple of days and you should have seen some weird screen renderings of the site. All should now be good. At least I hope so. I’m security-minded I try and not go nuts on the security stuff, but ever since I started putting out the K9JY WriteLog […]

  • The iMac: Will ham radio be the same?
    Well, I took the plunge. I bought an iMac. Interestingly, it was over two months ago, but I haven’t gotten around to doing any ham radio stuff with it yet. Too busy getting the rest of it setup for the business (Cube Rules). I’ve seen a bit of software out there for ham radio on […]

  • How to learn from every ham radio contest
    When taking notes at the end of the contest — what went well and what could have been better — what should you consider for inclusion? Here’s a short trigger list for what you can learn from every contest: Equipment Radio working properly Amplifier working properly Keyer working properly Computer issues Contesting software issues Interface […]

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