I2YSB QSL Manager

I2YSB is the manager of the following stations:A82Z-A82X-5I5TT-5I4ZZ-5X3C-5X3E-9X0T-9X0Y-TJ2TT-J5T-TL8TT-3XY1T-5ZØL-9QØHQ-9Q1KS-TY1AA-9J2T-TO2TT-XT2TT-TT8TT-9G5TT-9G5XX-9L1X-6O0N-6O0CW-5M2TT-5U1A-5U2K-5U3T-5U4R-5U5A-5U6W-5U7B-5U7JK-5U8B-5U9C-5U0T-5W0SB-5V7TT-FO/I2YSB,IH9/I2YSB-J20MM-J20RR-TU2T-TX4PG-ZK3SB- HI3/IK2GNW,HI9/IK2GNW,ZK1NCI,ZK1GNW,FO/IK2GNW, 3B8/IK2GNW,5R8GN,8Q7PA,9M2/IK2GNW, 9M6/IK2GNW,9M/IK2GNW,D61NW,FG, FH,FJ,FR,FW/IK2GNW,J79W,KH6,KH8/IK2GNW,S79GN,T29GN,V73/IK2GNW,VK9GNW

TT8TT DXpedition

   I1HJT Alfeo is 64 years old.
In the past Alfeo operated from:
CW IH9P Multi Op.-J2ØRR-9G5TT-5V7TT-TU2T
 I2YSB Silvano is 61years old.
 In the past Silvano operated from:
 6OØCW(2005-20012)-6OØN-CW IH9P Multi Op.-J2ØRR-II1C-
 IK2CIO Vinicio is 51 years old.
  In the past Vinicio operated from:
  CO-3B8-W3-GM one of IU2HQ-IY2ARI- IO2A-6OØN-
  SSB-CW IH9P Multi Op Team-J2ØRR-9L1X-9G5TT-
 IK2CKR  Angelo is 63 years old.
 In the past Angelo operated from:
 IK2DIA Marcello is70 years old.
 In the past Marcello operated from:

  IK2HKT Stefano is 49 years old.
  In the past Stefano operated from:
  SSB CW IH9P Multi Op.Team-IO2A- IR2K-

        Software developer
IH9GPI Giacomo is 42 years old.

 Pilot station

 IK7JWY Art is 50 years old.
  In the past Art operated from IH9P multi/operators
  contest team (from 2002 to 2006), IH9M
  single/operator WWDX CW 2007,
  IU7HQ, IR4M (multi/operators contest
  team 2008. He has been the pilot station
  for 9L1X, E44M, 9G5TT, 5V7TT,5M2TT,TU2T
  and  6O0CW dxpeditions.

6m Pilot station

IK0FTA Sergio.
    Official Forum   
 For your questions , info, skeds, or to
  report an opening during the DXpedition,
  you can contact me via email or via the
  official forum.


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