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Important reminder :

for any information or in case of problems during the DXpedition with the Online Log

please contact ONLY the Pilot Station (who has access to the Log) by email at

All requests addressed directly to the operators will be ignored. 

N°8) Voacap propagation

N°7) Why use FT8 mode in DXpeditions?

6) Our Locator is : IJ46RJ 

5) We are working on a Real-Time Online Log  also for the FT8 and FT4 activity (A82Z) 

4) We shall use 5 stations and all operating modes (FT8, FT4, RTTY, SSB and CW)

3) The Team will comprise 11 operators.

2) We got the corresponding LoTW certificates.

N°1) ARRL accepted our licences A82X and A82Z.

Solar Terrestrial Data